Next Lecture  – February 19th – Is Virtual Reality Experience Veridical, Illusory or Hallucinatory Experience?Prof Fiona Macpherson

Informed, Intelligent talk and Discussion

If you enjoy listening, discussing, debating, intellectual challenge, and gaining insight into old and new disciplines, the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow is for you.

Our speakers are national and international experts in their various fields, who enjoy sharing their knowledge with an audience eager to learn more about the many things that influence our lives. A friendly atmosphere pervades all our meetings, and a complimentary drink after each lecture ensures further animated discussion. Non-members are welcome and there is disabled access.

The  Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow was founded in 1802 “to aid the study, diffusion, and advancement of the arts and sciences with their applications, and the better understanding of public affairs”.   Over two centuries later, it still meets regularly and the topics addressed are diverse. The Society contributes to and enriches public life in the West of Scotland.  Over the years we have looked at many aspects of culture and society in the context of our national historical background. (See the history of the society)

Visitors and guests are welcome. There is disabled access via an elevator to the lecture theatre.

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